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Sustained Dialogue is an on-going process over a semester during which small groups strive to change the campus or community climate by improving strained relationships through dialogue and collective action. Our weekly dialogue groups of 8-15 participants and 2 trained co-moderators create a space to address divisive issues on campus and in the community. SD defines dialogue as “listening deeply enough to be changed by what you learn.” This can be challenging as participants are asked to listen deeply and ultimately reach an understanding of the problems on campus and in the community and the power they have to address them.

As a moderator, your role will be co-facilitating open and effective engagement, the learning of new perspectives, and using the techniques of dialogue to create positive change. This 10-week training will equip you with the tools to facilitate crucial conversations on campus to move students toward actionable, concrete change. Space is limited, so please make sure you’ll be able to attend all meetings prior to signing up. Moderator training is for students interested in a moderator position within Sustained Dialogue. If you are interested in a participant role, please check out the Dialogue Circles page.

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