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Q: What will I do at A Taste of Dialogue?

A Taste of Dialogue is an opportunity to engage in dialogue on a one-time, short-term basis. Each A Taste of Dialogue event will start off with setting ground rules and an introduction to that evening's topic, and then small groups will split off to engage in dialogue with each other for about an hour.

Q: If I attend A Taste of Dialogue, who will be in my small group circle?

Each group has 1-2 trained moderators and ideally, no more than 8-10 additional participants are in each circle so that everyone feels comfortable speaking their truth.

Q: What is the Inclusive Leadership Retreat?

The Inclusive Leadership Retreat is an opportunity to receive training from Sustained Dialogue Institute professionals on the Dialogue-to-Action process and to learn more about how to engage in and facilitate meaningful conversations. The Retreat is 3 days, with the first 2 days being an overview of Sustained Dialogue, and the third day being focused on moderator training for those who want to facilitate a dialogue circle in the future.

Q: Does it cost anything to participate in the Inclusive Leadership Retreat?

NO, it is free and open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Q: Do I need to attend the entire 16 hours of the Inclusive Leadership Retreat?

YES, if you would like to be a trained moderator. If you want to be a trained Inclusive Leader, you must attend the first 12 hours (Friday & Saturday) for full impact. Meals during the retreat are included (Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast & lunch, Sunday snacks).

Q: What is a Dialogue Circle and how can I join?

There are student circles and faculty/staff circles which are an opportunity to connect with others across campus. Dialogue circles meet every week and consist of 6-12 participants and two facilitators. You can fill out the Dialogue Circle Interest form on Engage to sign up for a circle based on your availability and interest in the topics.

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